Maker Sale on Saturday, and Adafruit as a Sponsor!


We are working up a nice little treat for everyone in the form of a Maker Sale on Saturday! Think of it as a sort of “garage sale” where folks will be able to bring their created wares to sell, trade, show, and possibly use in their Startup Weekend products. We already have a couple cool local vendors on board, so expect to see some really great stuff on Saturday! If you are interested in selling your own creations at the Maker sale, just contact us!


Speaking of cool stuff, do you need specific parts for Startup Weekend Maker Edition? You’re in luck! Adafruit is now a Bronze Sponsor for Startup Weekend Maker Edition! Weekend participants can go to and purchase parts at a discount via a coupon code specifically designated for event participants. Join in on the making by registering at Seattle Startup Weekend Maker Edition and start sourcing parts from non other than the best,

Thank you Adafruit for supporting the entrepreneurial Maker community!