Getting Ready for Startup Weekend : Maker Edition!


Hello Makers of Seattle!

With June 28th less than a week away, The time for Seattle’s first Startup Weekend : Maker Edition is fast approaching! All the organizers have been working extra hard to make this one of a kind Startup Weekend amazing, and we are getting pumped! We thought it would be helpful to go over a few things before the big day.

Start getting your ideas ready! Remember, this is the perfect opportunity to work with a team of other Makers to bring to life one of those crazy ideas that have been rolling around in your noggin, but just haven’t had the chance to actually work on. You’ll only have one minute to make others understand your vision, so it’s a good idea to start writing down a your potential creations, and rehearse your product pitches.

It’s wise to think about what materials might be necessary in the creation of your product. We have been putting a lot of thought in to the right materials to provide, but we can’t predict exactly what you will need. If your product needs any specific/uncommon parts, you should think about securing those before the event. This can include Wood, Metal, electronics components, found and recycled toasters or game consoles, etc. Most likely you won’t need to bring them Friday night, so you’ll have some time to decide with your team what exactly you should bring for Saturday and Sunday. Have some materials lying around that you believe might be helpful to others? Bring’em and share ‘em! If you have questions about supplies, just shoot us an email and we will be happy to reply.

We have some awesome food vendors lined up for the weekend! Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies. We can’t make any promises that we will be able to provide food that matches your needs, but we will try our best if you let us know in a reasonable time frame.

keep an eye on the blog for more helpful info, and if you have friends waiting to the last minute to secure a ticket, now is the time!